Once upon a time while working for the most ghetto production company in NYC I was tasked with figuring out the optimal distance to mount a Pentax lens on a Red Epic to achieve infinity focus. I felt like an evil genius. Figuring out that equation to determine how that Pentax lens projected its image onto the Red sensor lead me down the rabbit hole of what other camera equipment can I Frankenstein together.

And a lot of jokes of "It's ALIVE!!!!" When I succeeded in creating a new interesting camera out of spare parts that I had laying around the house. I kept this secret to myself for many years but maybe I share it?

The limitations of early film technology drove camera makers to invent creative solutions to making photography practical and convenient. Interesting and exotic lens shapes that let in more light. Bellows to focus those lenses and the ability to move the lens plane in creative and interesting ways. A lot of this wasn’t really necessary with the advent of digital photography and aside from digital backs for conventional film cameras a lot of that was lost. Modern lenses while being clear and sharp have lost much of the interest and flair of conventional film lenses.

My goal is not to replace film but to create something new and different. Juxtaposition different camera elements to give you a new photographic experience and broaden your creative horizons.

This project is the brainchild of Will Engelmann. He is a NYC Food Photographer by trade but is a man of many interests and skill sets.